Fluid Mask 注册版-智能抠图抠像软件及PS插件

2022年10月15日11:13:15Fluid Mask 注册版-智能抠图抠像软件及PS插件已关闭评论

    Fluid Mask 3作为市场的领导者,号称顶级的智能抠图软件,Fluid Mask专业设计人士的选择。相对于其他抠图软件,Fluid Mask操作简单、更智能化。Fluid Mask可以作为独立运行版本,也可以作为PS滤镜版,独立版不需要安装Photoshop,直接进行抠图操作,直观使用,Fluid Mask更快得到专业的效果。使用最新的采样和选择工具,超细掩模的选择。新的边缘融合算法。即使再复杂的头发,也可以从五彩缤纷的蓬松头发自动获取最好的结果。不再为头发抠图成为的今天噩梦。
    Fluid Mask 注册版-智能抠图抠像软件及PS插件
    Vertus Fluid Mask 是一款非常强大的 Photoshop 抠图插件。软件采用了模拟人眼和人脑的方法,来实现高级的、准确而且快速的抠图功能。在处理图像的同时它还能区分软边界和硬边界并做相应的处理使最终的边 缘和色彩过渡更加平滑。实乃喜欢制图的好帮手!强烈推荐。在处理图像的同时它还能区分软边界和硬边界并做相应的处理使最终的边缘和色彩过渡更加平滑。实乃 设计师的好帮手!
    Fluid Mask 3感觉最好的地方是特别适合对PS抠图技术不很熟悉的朋友,因为它的工作流程不象在PS中是如何用各种手段做出要抠取对象的选区。然后抠取出图 像,Fluid Mask 3的工作流程是如何“画”出要抠取对象的范围,当然这种“画”是大致的画,不需要特别精确的画就可以了。所以相对于PS抠图来说,要简单多了。这是其优点 之一。另外,根据我的试用,Fluid Mask 3抠出的图跟背景融合的特别好,不管背景是什么颜色,它都能很好的融合。而PS中比如通道抠图,抠出的图有时跟背景的融合就不那么好了。当然,这要看各人 处理的技术了。
    Fluid Mask 3也可以作为Photoshop插件来使用:
    – Adobe Photoshop Elements, CS2, CS3, CS4 或者更高版本
    – Adobe Photoshop CC 2017,CC 2015.5, CC 2015 ,CC 2014, CC & CS6包括 x86 和x64
    Vertus Fluid Mask – is the top rated digital imaging tool used for cutting-out objects from their backgrounds by adapting techniques that mimic the way the human eye and brain see edges and objects. The software identifies the outline of the various colors, textures and shades, and separates them into individual puzzle-like pieces. Each piece can then be selected individually or in groups making cutting and masking simple. Through the use of this innovative technology, Fluid Mask enables the fastest and most accurate cut-outs on the market.
    Fantastic results – Now professional results are more possible than ever before. Make super fine mask selections using new sampling and selecting tools. Check out the new edge blending algorithms. And the new complex hair blending that automatically gets great results from multi-colored whispy hair. No longer should hair be the cutting-out nightmare it is today.
    Faster than ever – Not only is image processing time dramatically reduced but we have concentrated on speeding up workflow. Check out features like saving your workspace settings from one image to the next for runs of studio shots; and our new Patch technology with its intuitive tool-set for working on those difficult problem areas with compression artefact, poor edges and complicated backgrounds.
    In a streamlined interface and workflow, Fluid Mask 3 instantly shows key edges in the image and provides comprehensive easy to use tools that work with difficult-to-see edges and tricky areas like trees & lattices.
    Fluid Mask promises:
    ? Fastest masking available today – from loading to final cut-out. Turn hours of tedious work into something that’s short to complete and fun to do…
    ? The best edge cutting technology available.
    ? Quick and easy to pick up, Fluid Mask 3 offers an intuitive workflow. Check out the edge guides that makes selecting the cut-out as easy as coloring by numbers and the always visible interactive help.
    ? Amazing edge quality. Always thought the pen tool makes cut-outs look a bit too artificial and clean? Now Fluid Mask 3 takes blending to a new level by preserving the edge data. In the final result, natural edge blur and contour is preserved for the best, most authentic cut-outs ever.
    New Features in V3
    ? Localized edge detection and blending – for faster workflow
    ? Faster initial image processing – up to 40%
    ? Better edge blending
    ? New look application – full screen / no desktop visible
    ? Localize problem areas for greater workflow enhancement
    ? Great new tools for fine mask selections
    ? Best of breed Help – now there’s an innovative in-application Tool Tips box with links to application based xml help files and tutorials
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