Ashampoo Photo Commander 15.0.1 多语言中文注册版-图库管理工具

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    Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 包含的工具及特效可以满足您处理图片的一切需求,让您完美的管理好您的图库。无论是新手还是摄影狂人都能轻松制作神奇的效果。瞬间让照片美美的 – 老电脑也能用!Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 中新的特效、模板及设计工具为您带来更多的实验空间,发现编辑图片的新途径。
    Ashampoo Photo Commander 15.0.1 多语言中文注册版-图库管理工具
    Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 主要功能:
    3D 邀请函、个性化日历、拼贴画、全景画、照片修饰、移轴、镜像效果等等众多专业级工具 – 充分发挥您的创造力。别忘了其中还内置了大量模板、图片和设计,几乎适用于所有场景。
    Ashampoo Photo Commander 15.0.1 多语言中文注册版-图库管理工具
    用最爱的音乐装饰您的幻灯版,无需安装额外编码器直接支持 MP4 及 AVI 视频文件,向您的亲朋好友在线展示您的照片,或是直接上传到 Facebook 或其它社交网络。
    已有 300 多万用户正在使用 Ashampoo Photo Commander 管理和编辑图片。您呢?
    Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7
    Version 15.0.0 -更新记录:
    New Features:
    – Geotagging:
    o APC automatically resolves GPS information found in JPG and RAW files (Internet
    connection required).
    o Sort and group by country and city.
    o Search and filter by address information. For expample, a user can filter
    all files from Vienna and Bremen by simply entering “vienna, bremen”.
    o The all new “Where?” view sidebar gives an overview of all locations found,
    sorted by country, district, city downt to streetname and even streetnumber.
    o For every photo where GPS data was found, the resolved address is shown within the
    file information and with a single click, the user can open this address
    in supported map websites (Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap).
    o New GeoTagging Wizard:
    – If a photo does not contain GPS information, then it is possible to enter
    such information afterwards through this wizard. It can be used to “batch-geotag”
    many files at once as well.
    – It is possible to resolve addresses by city/country names or by latitude and longitude.
    – The user can save resolved addresses for later use. This is especially useful when
    geotagging many (older) vacation photographs.
    – Once those photographs have been geotagged, they are listed in the “Where?” sidebar
    o It is possible for the user to deactivate this feature completely in the program configuration.
    – New Presentation Window:
    o Start an additional presentation window on any other monitor.
    o The current photo/video file is shown at the same time on the
    presentation monitor. This can be used, for example, to present
    photos on a beamer-wall while controlling the via the laptop.
    o Changes to the photo (eg: effects, objects) are shown immeditely
    on the presentation monitor photo.
    o The Slideshow may be played on any presentation monitor.
    – New SlideShow Animations:
    o Updated, artistic KenBurns effect. Good for both portrait and landscape oriented
    o Non-interrupting animation. While the next photo is loading, the current photo
    is shown animated, so that the user dont see any stops/interruption.
    – Fullscreen Mode:
    o Smooth fade in and fade out when switching program state.
    – New Wizard Export Frames / Video to GIF Animation:
    o Support for extracting MP4 files.
    o Support for extracting PDF files.
    o Resize all frames with either presets or custom sizes.
    o Extract only a period of time (either pagenumbers or seconds).
    o Auto-convert extracted frames into a GIF. This way a user can easily convert
    a scene of some seconds found in a movie into a GIF!
    – New Wizard Batch Process:
    o Redesigned controls to reflect feature changes.
    o Two list side by side, whereas the user can choose among available commands
    in one list and move the desired ones to the chosen list. The commands
    in the chose list are being processed.
    o It is possible to arrange the order of commands (which might give different results).
    o Export/Import commands! All chosen command may be exported or imported using
    *.apcbatch files. This way a user can save different kinds of reoccuring batch
    processing tasks.
    o Resizing by inch does use the DPI found in the photo file itsself.
    o Add frames to all processed files.
    o Change aspect ratio of photographs.
    o Option to maintain the order of subfolders. If activated, the app will save the
    converted files in the same subfolder structure they originated from. This is very
    useful when converting many files located in many different subfolders.
    If deactivated, all files will be saved in the root of the destination folder.
    – Loading Message (Knight Rider animation):
    o Whenever a photo is loading and the loading does take longer than 0.5 seconds,
    the programm will start to show a small animation withing the programs window
    and at the same time start to decolorize the whole programs interface. This way
    the user knows that the app is working and not crashed/stalled.
    – Easier to use and improved Save As Dialog:
    o For lossy formats it is now possible to set the destination size in kilobyte and let the program
    compute the correct quality value in order to reach the desired file size.
    o Support for saving in *.ico format.
    o Browse for folder does open the classic save as folder dlg, so it is easier for the user
    to find the right folder/file collection on where to save the file then.
    o New button with recently used folders. The user can quickly switch between most common
    used destination folders.
    – Video Playback:
    o Disabled screen saver / monitor power off while playing videos.
    o Technical improvements to player bar.
    o Improved playback of *.mov files.
    – Quickfix:
    o Faster denoise function.
    o New effects (Modern Sepia, Invert Curved 1, Invert Curved 2, Binarization, Texture Cotton).
    o Select and cut rectangle function offers free aspect ratio and 1:1 (square) selection
    and cannot be move outside the photo borders anymore. This way handling it is way easier
    for the user.
    – Other Improvements:
    o Faster scanning of MP3 tags.
    o “Open with” command does auto detect common apps at first start (Mediaplayer,
    other image viewers).
    – EXIF Date: the correct dates and times found in EXIF metadata are shown throughout
    the app no matter what time zone in Windows is set.
    – Setting file associations shows modern system control panel apps page so that
    user can verify those (required on latest Windows 10).
    – Removed Picasa uploader.
    – Removed Quicktime SDK. MOV files are played through Media Foundation and/or Directshow.
    Bugs Fixed:
    – asdasd.
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