MapInfo Pro v16.0 Build 26 x64 多语言注册版-桌面地图制图系统

2022年10月26日11:12:15MapInfo Pro v16.0 Build 26 x64 多语言注册版-桌面地图制图系统已关闭评论

    MapInfo Pro v16.0 Build 26 x64 多语言注册版-桌面地图制图系统
    MapInfo Professional是由MapInfo公司出品的一款桌面地图制图系统。MapInfo Professional可以在一张地图上合并和显示不同格式和投影的地图数据。
    MapInfo Professional 是一款功能强大、用户界面友好的商业绘图及分析工具,包含令人耳目一新的用户界面、访问开源数据库PostGIS的权限以及内置的对于 Layered PDF生成的支持。这款极具成本效益的解决方案,将帮助企业在库存管理、资源配置、客户沟通的决策制定的过程中从数据中获得最大的价值。
    MapInfo Professional 优势包括:
    ? 更加出色的易用性——提供了一个更加直观的用户界面,通过Layered PDF实现数据共享,使企业能够更加方便、高效地创建和分享自定义地图,有利于提高效率、节省时间。
    ? 大量的成本节省——MapInfo Professional 支持开源数据库PostGIS,为用户提供了具有成本效益以及开源的选择。
    ? 增强的数据存取——企业可以利用包括Microsoft SQL Server? 2008在内更多的数据,获得更加充分的灵活性,并可持续访问多种类型的数据。
    “对我们而言,MapInfo Professional 的推出是一个重要的里程碑。PBBI公司致力于帮助企业在制定关键的商业决策时能从数据中获得最大的价值。我们征求了数以万计客户的意见,以确保 MapInfo Professional 能够最大限度地满足客户的需求。”PBBI公司总裁Michael Hickey表示。“在当今充满挑战的经济环境中,企业迫切需要利用工具制定资源配置、库存管理、客户协调等方面的决策。MapInfo Professional提供了一种具有成本效益、易于使用的解决方案,有利于企业制定前瞻性的商业决策,提升核心竞争力。”
    MapInfo Professional is a full-featured computer mapping and GIS analysis utility that provides a rich set of tools and advanced options for processing geography and topology data and creating detailed, yet intelligible graphical representations, maps and reports.
    With a pretty simple layout and comprehesive menus, MapInfo Professional enables you to easily access all the options from its main GUI. Its main purpose is increasing the efficiency of infrastructure using and optimizing the process of taking decisions.
    Its importing capabilities allows you to process data gathered from spreadsheet applications, databases and CSV files, as well as raster and grid images. Additionally, it supports ODBC and FDO connections, as well as files imported from other CAD software. The built-in catalog browser grants you access to geospatial data downloaded from online resources, while the application allows WMS or WFS table extraction.
    The generous toolbox you have at hand includes multiple CAD tools that you can work with, including various drawing instruments (basic geometrical shapes, text boxes, lines and so on).
    It allows you to manage layers for each loaded table from the designated section, organize and manipulate objects, symbols, regions, points and lines, edit data content, assign labels or generate map legends or scale bars. Also, it can highlight important territories, areas or points, as well as run SQL queries for loaded databases and generate statistics reports.
    You can handle data records directly in map view, in a graph or in table view. The latter option should pose no problem to those who worked with spreadsheet programs, while the graph mode is used for visually displaying statistical connections.
    MapInfo Professional can handle thematic and prism maps and features advanced zooming and map scaling options. Its enhanced rendering capabilities help you create high-quality GIS imagery, graphs and plans, ready for presentations or publishing.
    With its help, you can transform complex data sets with geographical components into graphical representations, much more comprehensible and accesible to an audience.
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