TeamViewer 11 绿色企业版下载

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    TeamViewer远程控制软件企业版v11.0.59518发布,TeamViewer – 远程支持、远程访问、在线协作和会议。TeamViewer是一个能在任何防火墙和NAT代理的后台用于穿透内网远程控制软件,用于实现远程支持、远程访问、远程管理、家庭办公及在线协作和会议。
    TeamViewer 11 绿色企业版下载
    2016.05.11 Version 11.0.59518
    Now it is also possible to start end-to-end encrypted chat conversations and to keep a persistent chat history when chatting to (Custom) QuickSupport Modules
    Notifications can now be disabled for individual chat conversations
    Improved transmission of Asian characters during a remote support session
    Fixed a bug where it was not possible to establish a connection if there were spaces included between digits of the TeamViewer ID while being signed into the computer & contacts list
    Fixed a bug causing new managed devices being assigned to the wrong default group
    Solved some other issues which caused crashes
    Minor improvements and fixes
    by ZDFANS
    TeamViewer v11.0.59518 绿色企业版以及单文件
    经典实用版: TeamViewer v3.5 单文件版 [无限制]
    链接: 密码:rwd4
    TeamViewer 11 绿色企业版下载