Paint.NET v4.2.13 Final 多语言中文正式版-图像和照片处理软件

2022年9月3日08:06:27Paint.NET v4.2.13 Final 多语言中文正式版-图像和照片处理软件已关闭评论

    Paint.NET是一个图像和照片处理软件,它由华盛顿州立大学的学生开发和维护,使用C#语言开发,并由微软公司提供项目指导。早期定位于MS Paint的免费替代软件,现在逐渐发展为一个功能强大且易用的的图像和照片处理软件。这次新版Paint.NET改进用户界面、调整了菜单栏/状态栏等功能,其次也对软件性能优化以及bug修复。
    Paint.NET v4.2.13 Final 多语言中文正式版-图像和照片处理软件
    Language(语言支持):English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, Swedish
    System(系统支持):Windows 7 SP1 or newer (including Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10)
    4、拥有“图层”功能,和gimp和sumo一样,中文、免费、开源,体积上是精简版的ps 功能上拥有ps的大部分功能的Paint.net也拥有强大的图层工具,可以看出其不是一般的图片处理软件,已经十分的专业了。利用图层功能,你可以方便的修改图片的任何一部分,而不用担心失误会搞糟整张图片。
    Roadmap and Change Log 4.2.13?– released on August 4, 2020

    This update adds some additional low-bit-depth choices to several file types (PNG, BMP, TIFF), and fixes some bugs.

  • New:?Added 2-bit per pixel support when saving as PNG
  • New:?Added 1-bit per pixel support when saving as PNG, BMP, and TIFF
  • Fixed?low-bit-depth saving quality (8-bit, etc.), as it would sometimes produce very bad results (e.g. only using 64 colors instead of 256)
  • Fixed:?Resizing an image at very large sizes (e.g. 32K pixels to 64K pixels) would fail due to an arithmetic overflow
  • Fixed:?Sometimes recently saved images would not have an updated thumbnail in File Explorer unless/until its window was manually refreshed
  • Fixed:?Sometimes saving an image to a network share would not work
  • Updated bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to version, which fixes an issue when loading and saving images using the sRGB color space. This issue was reported. Thanks @null54! 4.2.12?– released on May 29, 2020
    This is a hotfix for a few important issues that have come to light with the 4.2.11 release.

  • Fixed?an error that was preventing some old PDN images from loading (reported here:?
  • Fixed?a crash in the new selection outline renderer (due to misaligned Push/PopAxisAlignedClip calls)
  • Changed?saving to use the ReplaceFile Win32 API, which improves its compatibility
  • Fixed?an EndOfStreamException error that prevented some JPEGs from opening (thanks @null54 for the fix!) 4.2.11?– released on May 20, 2020
    This update adds XMP metadata support, 3 new translations, some UI improvements, and several bug fixes.

  • New:?XMP metadata is now preserved for supported file types (PDN, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, JPEG XR, HEIC, AVIF, WEBP)
  • New:?Belarusian (be) translation
  • New:?Greek (el) translation
  • New:?Slovenian (sl) translation
  • New:?Added a right-click context menu to the image thumbnail/tab. It contains commands for Copy Path, Open Containing Folder, Save, Save As, and Close.
  • New:?The items in the File -> Open Recent menu now have a tooltip with the full file path for the image
  • Changed:?The selection outline animation is now smoother (2x the framerate)
  • Fixed:?Saving with the HEIC file type is no longer limited to a max Quality value of 90. This limitation was in place because of a crash due to heap corruption, which no longer happens.
  • Fixed:?The NVIDIA sharpening setting will no longer cause trippy distortions in the canvas area
  • Fixed?an issue with loading very small TGA images, first reported here:?×1-image-failed-to-load/. Thanks @null54 for the fix!
  • Fixed:?Error dialogs when opening images now consistently show the file path
  • Fixed?a PropertyNotFoundException error message when saving JPEG images with a particular ordering of metadata. This was due to a bug in Windows 7’s WIC JPEG codec. First reported here:?
  • Fixed?clipped text rendering in the Curves adjustment dialog in some non-English translations.
  • Fixed?a crash when running the app with a DPI scaling setting of 500%
  • Fixed?a crash that would sometimes happen when running effects with very small selections
  • Fixed?some IndirectUI controls not honoring their default values if also initialized in read only (disabled) mode. Thanks @BoltBait for the fix!
  • Fixed?a memory leak in the effect system that was causing 1 orphaned thread per effect invocation
  • Changed:?Removed the use of NTFS Transactions, which was causing trouble with OneDrive. Microsoft has also?deprecated this technology.
  • New:?Added /openCrashLogFolder command-line argument. This is intended for simplifying troubleshooting workflows.
  • New:?Added /forceUpdateCheck command-line argument. This is intended for troubleshooting scenarios to simplify acquiring the latest version, e.g. “just run?paintdotnet:/forceUpdateCheck” instead giving a longer list of buttons to click on.
  • Updated?WebPFileType plugin to version, which adds XMP metadata support. Thanks @null54!
  • Updated?DDSFileTypePlus plugin to version 1.10.3. This fixes an issue with saving in the A1R5G5B5, A4R4G4B4, and R5G6B5 formats, and adds support for reading files that use a ‘BC7\0’ FourCC. Thanks @null54!

 4.2.10 – released on February 13, 2020
    This small update fixes a few important bugs, most notably with installations that directly use the MSI file for deployment (e.g. AD/GPO).

  • Fixed: Installations that directly use the MSI (e.g. AD/GPO deployments) no longer need to run the repair process immediately after installation. Some important DLLs were not being updated because while their assembly version was different, their file version was unchanged, so Windows Installer incorrectly skipped over them.
  • Fixed:?Loading an image with an enormous photoshop:DocumentAncestors node in the XMP metadata will no longer hang the app
  • Fixed?a rare crash in the auto-updater UI related to font initialization
  • Improved?performance when clicking OK on an effect or adjustment dialog that has already completed part of its rendering