SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.2.6 + Portable 多语言中文正式版-局域网扫描工具

2022年9月3日08:06:33SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.2.6 + Portable 多语言中文正式版-局域网扫描工具已关闭评论

    SoftPerfect Network Scanner 是一款多线程IP、NetBIOS 和 SNMP扫描软件,局域网ip搜索工具,并附有一个调制解调器接口和一些高级功能。软件支持:XP/vista/Win7/Win8/Win10系统。
    SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.2.6 + Portable 多语言中文正式版-局域网扫描工具
    局域网ip扫描工具SoftPerfect Network Scanner是专门为系统管理员和对计算机安全感兴趣的普通用户而设计的。程序对计算机执行 ping 操作、扫描正在监听的 TCP 端口,并显示网络上各类共享资源(包括系统和隐藏的资源)。
    此外,局域网ip扫描工具SoftPerfect Network Scanner允许用户挂载共享文件夹作为网络驱动器并使用 Windows资源管理器进行浏览、过滤结果列表等等。
    SoftPerfect Network Scanner能检查用户定义的端口,并且报告其是否开放。 它还能解析主机名称,并自动侦测本地和外部的 IP 范围。该软件支持远程关机和局域网唤醒(Wake-On-LAN)。
    SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.2.6 + Portable 多语言中文正式版-局域网扫描工具
    SoftPerfect Network Scanner 主要特点:
    Pings 电脑。
    SoftPerfect Network Scanner Changelog

Date Version Details
2019-10-14 7.2.6
  • Added: searching alternate paths in remote registry wildcard queries.
  • Added: built-in registry browser for quick path and parameter lookup.
  • Added: a navigator under Help menu to quickly find a setting or command.
  • Improved: new system-independent implementation to access HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Improved: suppress messages about domain resolution when using command line.
2019-08-21 7.2.5
  • Added: full UTF-8 support in SNMP replies for handling non-ASCII characters.
  • Added: use of mDNS and SNMP for device name resolution when everything else fails.
  • Added: a button in the save dialog for choosing columns in text, CSV and HTML export.
  • Added: variables %0 (IP address) and %1 (MAC address) octets of which can be used in SNMP OID.
  • Added: built-in SNMP scripting object for custom queries to any SNMP-capable device.
  • Fixed: column regex use when referring to scripting columns from a script.
  • Fixed: trailing commas are no longer written to CSV files at the end of each line.
2019-07-29 7.2.4
  • Added: quick filter in friendly names, bookmarks and display filters.
  • Added: secure WMI connection support for accessing restricted namespaces.
  • Improved: downloading OUI.TXT mappings file for NIC vendor lookup.
  • Fixed: columns losing hidden status when their settings were changed.
  • Fixed: crash when closing and aborting scan with Live Display on.
2019-07-05 7.2.3
  • Added: quick filter in credential manager and third-party applications.
  • Added: quick filter in Remote WMI, SSH, SNMP, etc and virtual columns.
  • Added: command to start/stop background scan (Live Display) on demand.
  • Added: export of results to a file upon completion of each Live Display round.
  • Improved: permit device deletion when Live Display is running.
  • Improved: saving/loading multi-clause filters and their UI layout.
2019-06-10 7.2.2
  • Added: frozen columns support under the View main menu item.
  • Added: XPath Query Builder for Remote XML and Nmap Integration features.
2019-04-17 7.2.1
  • Added: multiline display mode for long strings.
  • Added: incremental search across output columns.
  • Added: process class in scripting for handling output of console applications.
  • Added: integration with Nmap with OS detection, vulnerability scans and much more.
2019-02-18 7.2
  • Added: configurable background colour and text colour in column headers.
  • Added: custom e-mail sender in e-mail settings.
  • Added: drag-n-drop of computers from Windows Explorer’s Network to Network Scanner’s main view.
  • Improved: virtual columns can now be used as keys for mapping friendly names.
  • Improved: live notifications expanded to four types (online, offline, new MAC, changed IP).
  • Improved: retention of column metadata and width when changing multi-column items.
  • Improved: output of scripted columns made available to the scripts themselves.
  • Improved: MAC address resolution via SNMP, added SNMPv2c and IPv6 address support.
  • Improved: column limit of each type increased from 10 to 50, the /maxcols switch abolished.
  • Improved: rescanning limited to the target column when rescanning a column in multi-column group.
2019-01-04 7.1.9
  • Added: implemented [*] as array index in JSON query.
  • Added: regex replacement support for column data.
  • Added: support for NPcap without WinPCap compatibility installed.
  • Improved: friendly names can now map to any column.
2018-10-25 7.1.8
  • Added: configurable delay between live display rescan rounds.
  • Added: setting to show filtered/online/offline devices in the status bar.
  • Added: MIB browser for easy OID selection in SNMP queries.
  • Added: official Windows Server 2019 support.

    SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.2.6 + Portable
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