Room Arranger v9.5.5.614 x86/x64 Win/Mac多语言中文注册版

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    你是否已经厌倦了你房间的风格,长年累月的居住在一个地方,你也许需要重新安排你的房间的风格,这样能给你带来些许新鲜感,生活也可以多些激情。Room Arranger就为您提供了这样一个虚拟设计你房间的机会,如果不预先设计好的话,盲目地去搬东西摆放,有可能会将你的房间搞得一团糟。包括35种语言,具备简体中文,支持最新的Windows 10系统。
    Room Arranger v9.5.5.614 x86/x64 Win/Mac多语言中文注册版
    软件省去了在纸 上画草图的麻烦,最大程度地节省你宝贵的时间。软件中允许你使用工具来测量你的物品的长度,不仅如此,Room Arranger拥有物品库,中间包括了很多你画草图需要的东西,例如沙发,柜子,桌子等。你可以使用3D模式来对你设计的房间进行查看,保证效果如你所愿。
    Room Arranger v9.5.5.614 x86/x64 Win/Mac多语言中文注册版

version 9.5.5 (2018/9/7)
 - Improved: Basic objects support changing line thickness
 - Improved: Special editors and annot. drawn out of project bounds too
 - Fixed: Background floor plan image calibration on touch displays
 - Fixed: Minor print dialog related bugs

version 9.5.4 (2018/4/12)
 - Fixed: Possible crash when printing project with pictures
 - Fixed: Project dimensions after merging two projects
 - Fixed: Several possible crash bugs

version 9.5.3 (2018/2/26)
 - Fixed: Crash when moving object forward/backward
 - Added: Squat toilet object

version 9.5.2 (2018/2/4)
 - Improved: Optimized high-res texture usage (store 1024x1024 copies)
 - Improved: Drawing textured surfaces in 2D is up to 50% faster
 - Fixed: Ungrouping passwords on macOS, Linux and iOS
 - Fixed: Setting exterior walls color on new projects

version 9.5.1 (2018/1/25)
 - Fixed: Dimension line length for walls protruding into the room
 - Fixed: Exterior walls color not lost when floor is simple rectangle

version 9.5 (2017/11/20)
 - Improved: Updated 3D viewer, sun shadows work on older Intel GPUs
 - Improved: 3D viewer uses less RAM and is faster
 - Fixed: Texture mapping on several objects
 - Fixed: Non-tiling texture mapping on walls
 - Fixed: Sorting by dimensions, position and price in Object Listing
 - Fixed: Default colors for TV, LCD and All-in-one computer
 - Fixed: Mouse cursor shape in Viewpoints, Terrain, Polygon editor

version 9.4.1 (2017/10/8)
 - Fixed: Crash when resizing floor opening

version 9.4 (2017/9/27)
 - Improved: 3D view uses up to 50% less RAM and is slightly faster
 - Improved: Several 3D models improved
 - Improved: Measurement lines rotates and resizes at the same time
 - Improved: Touch movement in Annotation and viewpoints editors

version 9.3 (2017/7/20)
 - Added: You can write comments for every object
 - Added: Description tab inside object properties window
 - Added: Line and polyline can measure length
 - Fixed: Format Painter copies line ends style for meas.lines
 - Fixed: Do not walk on top side of ceiling

version 9.2 (2017/4/6)
 - Added: Line thickness for line and polyline objects
 - Added: Slope value in Angle object caption (e.g. 20% or 1 : 5)
 - Added: Basic objects can be used to measure area
 - Added: List of available object caption variables in Obj. Properties
 - Improved: A0 and A1 paper size for PDF output
 - Improved: Locked objects not deleted while multi-selection
 - Fixed: Rotated polyline editing
 - Fixed: Angle and Compass drawn with line color
 - Fixed: Curvature of flues, pipes and curved triangles
 - Fixed: Printing annotations

version 9.1.2 (2017/2/13)
 - Improved: Click-selection does not change when currently selected object
             still under cursor
 - Fixed: VRML prototype for group in group
 - Fixed: Room statistics numbers precision

version 9.1.1 (2016/11/22)
 - Improved: Setting external VRML prototypes much easier
 - Improved: Polyline can have curved segments

version 9.1 (2016/10/21)
 - Added: New type of basic object - Table (data)
 - Improved: More realistic print preview
 - Improved: Object thumbnails in Browse User Library window
 - Added: Editing object libraries
 - Fixed: Saving groups within groups in User Library
 - Fixed: Minor bugfixes and improvements

version 9.0.3 (2016/10/4)
 - Fixed: Possible crash when scaling grouped object

version 9.0.2 (2016/9/14)
 - Improved: Right-to-left window layout for RTL languages
 - Improved: Unit names localized

version 9.0.1 (2016/9/7)
 - Fixed: Ceiling will output only in rooms with all full-height walls
 - Fixed: Zero size moldings do not break 3D view
 - Fixed: Disable snapping to walls when moving object with more fingers
 - Fixed: Mouse clicking in 3D view at DPI >= 150% (and Retina Mac)
 - Fixed: Initial 3D viewport size at DPI >= 150% (and Retina Mac)
 - Fixed: Printing crosshatch fill style
 - Fixed: Textures in PDF output on Windows 10 and Mac (other OSs buggy)
 - Fixed: Object libraries display in right-to-left languages
 - Improved: Ask for number of decimal places when inserting room areas

version 9 (2016/8/31)
 - Added: Annotations
 - Added: Copy object properties (like Format Painter in Office)
 - Added: Snap objects to near walls while moving them with mouse
 - Added: Swinging doors, corner kitchen sink
 - Added: Doorframe has editable thickness and color
 - Improved: Window frames not scaled in 3D
 - Added: 9 new types of window, 4 new types of door (Appearance)
 - Added: Picture can have frame with editable thickness and color
 - Added: Ceiling color
 - Added: Baseboards and crown moldings
 - Added: New type of basic object - Polyline
 - Added: New car model
 - Added: Align objects relatively to the room they are in, or entire drawing
 - Added: Groups within groups, option to forbid ungrouping (with password)
 - Improved: Wall Editor shows walls of the floor below as dotted lines
 - Improved: All icons should look nicer at higher DPI
 - Improved: Better caching of generated tile textures
 - Improved: Wall contours switched on by default
 - Improved: Overall better high DPI support on Windows
 - Fixed: Cutting floor openings sharing edges with walls

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