Network Automation AutoMate BPA Server Enterprise 10.50.56 x86/x64 注册版

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    Network Automation AutoMate BPA Server Enterprise 10.50.56 x86/x64 注册版
    AutoMate BPA Server, by Network Automation , is the ultimate in organizational automation. From small mid-market companies to the largest global enterprise, AutoMate BPA Server allows organizations to deliver ground-breaking automation fast (in hours, not days or weeks).
    Enhance or replace your current production Job Scheduler, and combine all your processing assets, physical, virtual or cloud-based, into integrated, cohesive and managed executable workflows — all without writing a single line of code or script. AutoMate BPA Server 10 delivers the power of “No Code, No Limits” to your entire organization.
    Network Automation AutoMate BPA Server Enterprise 10.50.56 x86/x64 注册版
    Graphical workflows are the cornerstone of AutoMate BPA Server. A workflow (or flow diagram) is a high-level graphical representation of an IT or business process, which might involve processing on multiple servers across the network.
    Workflow Designer
    Graphical workflows are created via intuitive drag-and-drop tools in Workflow Designer, an application included with AutoMate BPA Server. Workflows are not just pretty looking diagrams – they contain all the information (i.e., initiation, execution, error-handling, conditional logic, notification, etc.) needed to automate complex IT and business processes.
    Server Management Console
    AutoMate BPA Server provides the installable Server Management Console (SMC), as well as a web-based interface. Automation assets can now viewed and managed using any mobile or desktop device with browser access.
    Multi-Machine & Scalability
    While a workflow itself is always managed by the BPA Server component, the objects contained inside the workflow (such as tasks, events, and conditions) can be allocated to evalate or run on different systems. This permits a single workflow the capability to watch and react to events on machines in different physical locations, while all being a part of the same, high-level, automation process.
    AutoMate BPA Server’s multi-machine execution capability is made possible in part by BPA Agents that are deployed or installed on remote machines and their facility to interact with the server component. Once installed or deployed on a machine, whether that machine is local or situated remotely, the server component can connect with the Agent via TCP/IP and notify it of what system or network events to monitor along with what tasks to execute as a result of such conditions or events occurring.
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